Kate Howells

Devon-based Counselling Services

How do I work?

After you have made contact, either by email or phone call, we can arrange to meet for a free 30 minute consultation so that you can decide if you feel comfortable working with me.  During this consultation we will discuss how many sessions might be needed.  This will depend on the complexity of the issue/s you are wishing to address. However many sessions we initially consider working towards, you may cease counselling at any time.

You may have come because of a particular issue which can be addressed with short-term work, so that you feel you have reached where you would like to be in anything from 4-12 sessions.  Alternatively, you may be aware of some long-standing and deep-seated emotional difficulties for which you will require considerably more sessions.  Something important to remember is that you may feel worse in the early stages of counselling as you will be talking about issues that are difficult for you - ones that you may never have discussed with anyone else.

My work is primarily underpinned by Gestalt Therapy and this approach takes into account the whole person and his/her surrounding environment, respecting that each person's experience of the world is unique.  I will listen and respond with integrity as you describe what is going on in your life. You may come with issues such as panic attacks, difficulty in maintaining relationships, depression or an eating disorder.  We will explore together how these issues are for you; how they affect your interaction with others and your feelings about them. 

Rather than trying to actively wipe out these ways of being, we will work towards getting to know and understand them really well. Although you will have come to therapy because these issues are getting in the way of your everyday existence, you will have initially developed them in response to some difficulty in life. As such, they will have helped you through some challenging circumstances.  With increased awareness and acceptance of these parts of you and how you are right now, it will become clearer that there are more choices open to you, if you would like to draw on them.